Natural silk pillowcase Cannelle Élégante - sample sale

Natural silk pillowcase Cannelle Élégante - sample sale

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Sale products listed in this section are pieces that have been used in our amazing photo shoots and therefore they may have some minor imperfections - like creases or little spots.
Cannelle élégante - our tribute to the dreamy autumn time!

A way to prevent „sleep wrinkles? Sleep on a silk pillowcase, which is gentler and less likely than cotton to resist the face and cause wrinkles. Talk about beauty sleep!

Allow yourself the luxury – let your head rest on the soft touch of silk and you will experience all the benefits - silk helps decrease skin's loss of moisture, contains natural proteins and 18 essential amino acids that speed up the metabolism of skin cells,  therefore has anti age effect as well as it does not crease your skin while you sleep. Turn each time you rest into a real beauty sleep and wake up with healthy, glowing skin!

Wrapped in an elegant black box - perfect for that special gift. 

When you purchase multiple items in one order, we will place them in one gift box. If you need more than one gift box, please write a message to us or make separate orders. 


Care instructions:

Natural silk is a delicate fabric - the better you care for it, the better it will care for you. 

Handwash is the best solution for natural silk - submerge it in warm water (up to 30 degrees), add gentle detergent or soap, soak for 30 min, then rinse with cool water, do not wring, but gently press the water out of your item.

If you must wash in the machine, we recommend to select the delicate cycle on your washing machine and make sure the water temperature is cold and the spin is low. Add delicate detergent. 

Lay the item flat in its natural shape.

Iron on low temperature set to the “steam” setting or just hover over the item with steam.