70’s style bohemian headband for your good hair days – Katrina Silks

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70’s style bohemian headband for your good hair days

Looking for a way to upgrade your look this season?

turban-inspired headband is the perfect and fashionable accessory for any of your outfits.  A stylish headband can elevate even the simplest of formal dresses or party outfits.

The perfect solution for all hair types, it’s worthwhile having one in your accessories collection for last-minute bad hair days that you simply put on and see your hairstyle go from a zero to a ten in a few seconds.

Katrina Silks turban-inspired piece is made from 100% natural Mulberry silk that's artfully twisted at the top and has elastic ribbon for comfortable fit at the back. Natural silk helps to protect the hair against frizz, breakage and moisture loss.

Turban style headbands are always fashionable and will suite any mid-length or long hair type.

When looking for your perfect headband for daily wear, think neutral.

We advise you to choose a headband, that can work back with everything in your wardrobe - beige, black and white are your best options - however, any pastel tone, like our Cappuccino Beige or French Lavender can really uplift any outfit if you’re bored of your current wardrobe.


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