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About us

Katrina Silks is here to produce and sell highest quality natural silk items for beauty, style and health to bring luxury and beauty in your everyday life. Designed and made in Latvia, with attention to details, care and love. 

Our high-range silk fabric is made in Italy in the Como area, where silk production dates back to fifteenth century, when it was introduced to Europe from far east. The silk fabric is coloured with non toxic dyes according to EU standards. The silk that we use is 25 momme.

Natural silk has many great properties that none of the artificial fibre has - it is antibacterial, doesn’t absorb moisture, smoothes hair follicles and has anti-age effect.

Katrina Silks aims to bring happiness and beauty to everyday lifestyle. We help you feel gorgeous and cherished by using the highest quality 100% natural silk items in your everyday life. Our story is based in the strength of sisterhood and shared passion to create and inspire others.

The story of our brand is a story of deep family roots and inheritance, awareness and appreciation of our strength and beauty - our grandmother Katrina (who we named our brand after) was a beautiful, courage filled and passionate woman, who managed to live through the hard times of two wars, raised a strong family leaving a legacy, run multiple businesses and found time for ballrooms and beautiful shoes! She's our inspiration, our legacy and our passion!

By supporting Katrina Silks, you'll be contributing to the fashion revolution, a.k.a the Slow Fashion Movement: a mindful approach to fashion, which considers environmentally friendly and humane processes in clothing manufacturing.

Our vision of making the world better is by creating something useful and beautiful that we truly believe in and think that it can make a difference.

We believe that humankind should live and co-exist together, by empowering each other and helping to bring about each other's dreams and aspirations. "No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main." (John Donne)