5 most popular questions about silk pillowcases answered I Katrina Silks


5 most popular questions about silk pillowcases answered

You can turn each time you rest into a real beauty sleep and wake up with healthy, glowing skin! We have received and answered your questions about our natural silk pillowcases and the benefits they provide. 
Here are the most frequently asked questions and our answers:
    • Can silk pillowcases prevent wrinkles?
Believe it or not, they really can!
"Smooth surface with very little friction" means less stress on the skin than
with a traditional cotton pillowcase.

We get "sleep wrinkles" from sleeping on our side/face, so that's one thing we can surely do - make them smaller, when we sleep on silk. Research has shown that friction from rolling sideways can cause skin creases, but a silky smooth surface can reduce this effect in the long term.

    • Can silk pillowcases prevent hair frizz?
Yes it can! Thanks to silk's ultra-smooth texture, hair glides over it without
friction, meaning you're less likely to wake up with frizzy, tangled hair, while cotton can catch and tangle your hair during the night.
Sleeping on silk is a secret that women with styled and curly hair have been
using for years to keep hairstyles like braids longer without extra frizz.

    • Does silk pillowcase keep skin moisturised?
Thanks to the luxurious smooth structure, this is indeed true.
Silk's smoothness means it absorbs less moisture from the skin, keeping it soft
and without stripping of it precious moisture.

    • Does silk pillowcase keep hair healthy?
In some ways - yes! It helps to keep hair moisturised and silk helps to protect
brittle hair more. Cotton is more porous than silk, so regular pillowcases absorb the hair's moisture, while silk leaves that moisture where it should be - in your hair.
This means - if you have dry hair or a flaky scalp, a silk pillowcase will be one of the ways how to improve the condition.
    • Can silk pillowcases prevent split ends?

The silky smooth texture will prevent knots and frizz, but cannot prevent hair
breakage and damage in general. Instead, use a deep conditioner and trim split ends regularly.


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