The benefits of natural silk eye mask for sleep I Katrina Silks


The benefits of natural silk eye mask

Improving your sleep quality is as simple as investing in one of the best sleep masks. While sound machines, melatonin, blue light glasses, and limiting screen time before bed can help, so too does a light-limiting eye mask.

Controlling when we’re exposed to light is one of the most important requirements for better sleep. Each of us has an internal body clock that regulates different biological processes based on cues from the environment. Light is one of the most powerful cues we have to stay awake and fall asleep, and we need darkness to get the sleep our bodies need.

Since not all sleep conditions assure complete darkness, especially when you’re traveling, a sleep mask is a worthy companion to ensure you’re getting sleep while you are on the move. Whether you’re in a plane or a car or a hotel room without blackout shades, investing in a sleep mask is the easiest way to take good sleep with you wherever you go.

Does material matter when choosing your sleep mask?

We highly recommend investing in eye mask that is made from natural silk since it is more gentle on the skin and protects against friction. Silk is a soft, natural, breathable fabric that prevents wrinkles from forming on your skin and creases in your hair.

Sleep eye mask will improve the quality of your sleep. It provides a calming effect that encourages you to fall asleep faster. When you put on a silk eye mask, it becomes a soothing evening ritual. Your body associates the touch of natural silk with time to unplug, rest and sleep. This gentle touch is calming for the mind and good for the skin.


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