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Silk Stories I Katrina Silks

  • Mother's day gift guide

    One of the sweetest celebration days is approaching, a day when we show our special care and attention and love to our moms. Mother’s day in Latvia and Estonia is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, this year - 14th of May.

  • The benefits of natural silk eye mask

    Sleep eye mask really helps to improve the overall quality of your sleep. It also provides a calming effect that may encourage you to nod off faster.
  • How to spot real silk and what is momme?

    Silk products have become very popular lately, but with so many types of silk fabrics advertised it is hard to know what you are paying for. What are the things you should know about natural silk and why is it the best choice for you?
  • How to care for natural silk items to make them last longer

    Natural silk is a delicate fabric - the better you care for it, the better it will care for you. Here are our suggestions for treating your new silk items:
  • 5 most popular questions about silk pillowcases answered

    You can turn each time you rest into a real beauty sleep and wake up with healthy, glowing skin! We have received and answered your questions about our natural silk pillowcases and the benefits they provide. Here are the answers:
  • 70’s style bohemian headband for your good hair days

    turban-inspired headband is the perfect and fashionable summer accessory for any of your outfits.  A stylish headband can elevate even the simplest of formal dresses or party outfits.
  • How to create a timeless wardrobe - tips & tricks

    We believe -  timeless / capsule wardrobe means having a thoughtful selection of durable items, that you can mix and match however you like. 
  • 7 reasons you should start using silk scrunchies today

    Considering if you need to invest in natural silk hair scrunchies? Read on and find out 7 reasons why you should start using them today